Webinar Recording

Transforming Your Performance Review Process with Continuous Performance Management

Are you looking for a way to help managers and employees have more frequent and meaningful conversations about performance? How about a way for them to easily communicate and document activities and achievements relative to goals? Do you have questions about how SAP SuccessFactors can help you accomplish this?

If you want to better understand how to transform the annual performance review into a more forward-looking performance management process driven by ongoing feedback, then view this informative recorded webinar on continuous performance management.

Del Rae Grose, VP of Services – Talent Management, and Toby Vitek PhD, Director, Strategic Enablement discuss how you can implement continuous performance management – both as a process and as a technology – by:

  • Enabling employees to take ownership of documenting their performance by sharing progress on projects, tasks, and achievements
  • Embedding principles of continuous performance management into organizational culture
  • Tracking the frequency of one-on-one performance conversations taking place within an organization
  • Providing guidance on effective coaching and feedback

Take this opportunity to hear more about continuous performance management and how you can make it effective in your organization.