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Taking a Balanced Approach to Learning Strategy with Content, Delivery and Performance Metrics

Are you able to meet your organization’s growing demand for learning as business conditions rapidly change? If your employees are turning to Google instead of your LMS for learning, you may not be supplying the content they need to build the skills and competencies required to do their jobs and ultimately meet organizational goals.

Learning professionals know that organizational learning and development isn’t just about compliance anymore – it’s about tying learning to performance within a culture that recognizes the strategic value of learning. Learning teams are being challenged more than ever to provide content that is fresh and engaging while being practical and relevant, and that supports organizational goals. It’s a tall order – one that needs the right mix of content, delivery, and performance metrics.

In this informative webinar, you’ll learn how to achieve that mix. Experts from the 3D Results Learning and Consulting Services practices will examine the tools and processes you can use.