Webinar Recording

Succession & Mentoring

Many companies have a critical need to drive succession management deeper into the organization but struggle with developing manageable processes and defining the right target populations. SAP SuccessFactors Succession module helps you identify the talent needed to improve organizational strength and support future growth. The addition of SAP SuccessFactors’ Mentoring tool provides an easy mechanism for pairing mentors and mentees, fostering development in support of your succession efforts.

In this webinar, Del Rae Grose, VP Services, and Toby Vitek, Ph.D., Director Strategic Enablement discussed:

  • What’s driving the need to drive succession management deeper in the organization?
  • The difference between succession planning and succession management
  • Recommendations for creating a succession management strategy for your organization
  • Suggestions for segmenting talent, defining critical roles, and evaluating candidates
  • How you can utilize SAP SuccessFactors to extend succession planning deeper in your organization
  • SuccessFactors Mentoring, and how companies can empower employees to take control of development opportunities