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Understanding the SAP SuccessFactors Learning Program Feature and Using it to Your Best Advantage

Is your organization looking for new ways to deliver training initiatives that increase user adoption rates and drive performance? It’s not enough to simply provide a learning environment ‑ your organization needs well-designed learning programs in place. Deficient program design can result in low usage and adoption rates, making the learning management system (LMS) ineffective, and jeopardizing your investment. Learning programs designed with the end-user in mind drive a strong learning culture and increased productivity, but how does an organization go about designing them?

Look no further than the Programs feature available in the SAP SuccessFactors LMS. From free form programs that allow users to move at their own pace, to specific date/time instructor-led programs, the LMS can accommodate multiple approaches to engaging your learners. This feature is particularly useful for organizations that may not have an instructional designer on staff, but that want to create a learning culture.

In this webinar, Rebekah Halkyard, Principal Consultant, and Bill Toohey, Senior Consultant at 3D Results discuss the elements of smart learning program design and ways to engage learners.