Webinar Recording

Kicking off Collaboration with SAP Jam – Highlights from JOANN and other Client Successes

Employee engagement has evolved from an HR initiative focused on on-boarding activities to part of an organization's overall business strategy to inspire employees to live your brand. A key prevailing factor for this shift is the effort to reduce employee turnover in a shrinking knowledge market and grow key talent along with your business. SAP Jam combines collaboration capabilities not only with your HR processes around professional development but can integrate seamlessly with the business. By creating spaces from small internal project teams to organization wide initiatives, these collaborate groups can keep everyone connected, communicating, up to date and on task.
In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

• Where to start with Jam
• HR Resolutions for 2017
• Next steps for employee engagement
• Key customer successes including JOANN

Learn how to kick off collaboration using SAP Jam with Del Rae Grose, VP of Services at 3D Results, Richard Caballero, VP Enterprise Collaboration Services at SAP, and Jill Ingram, Manager HRIS with JOANN. 

Slides available here.